Introducing RapidFort Runtime Protection

Secure applications from pipeline through runtime

See exactly what’s running in your execution path, instantly pinpoint unusual behaviors, and make informed decisions with Runtime Protection.

Security leaders trust Rapidfort

The end of CVE lifecycle management

Cut out 60-90% of unnecessary patching. Pinpoint and automatically remediate the risks that lie within your application’s execution path with Runtime Protection.

Real-time risk monitoring for immediate remediation

Runtime Protection composes a baseline of container activity and instantly alerts your team when unusual behaviors are detected.

The result? Dev and security teams are armed with the insights they need to mitigate quickly and make impactful decisions. Drop runtime into your Kubernetes environment and say goodbye to CVE lifecycle management.

  • Cut dev drudgery and ship code when you need to
  • Make the most elegant, bloat-less code possible by knowing exactly what is (and isn’t) being used in the execution path
  • Get fully optimized from CI to CD – inform your buildtime process with runtime results
  • Free your dev team from alert fatigue and refocus them on meaningful work

Don’t accept risk – remove vulnerabilities automatically

Fully automate your remediation strategy – combine runtime monitoring with automated container hardening, all in one place. RapidFort’s comprehensive Software Attack Surface Management (SASM) platform enables DevSecOps teams to harden their software infrastructure – instantly. 

  • Automatically reduce your vulnerabilities and attack surface by 60-90%
  • Evolve your cybersecurity process and eliminate time spent on security reviews, triaging, patch management, mitigation, dependency management, etc.
  • Remove the busy work and refocus DevSecOps pros to meaningful security projects

Easy integration and immediate augmentation for your tech stack

What if you could take your current list of vulnerabilities and zoom in on the ones that lie within your execution path – and delete the rest? Shrink your workload in a matter of seconds and improve your current reporting with our execution path filter.

  • Get deeper, actionable visibility into your current reports
  • Quit burning expensive hours and effort on alert triage and get a full night's rest

Just a hot swap away

Runtime Protection is just a hot swap away. Simply deploy the helm chart in your Kubernetes cluster and RapidFort will automatically scan and profile pods, building a baseline of container activity.

  • No downtime for runtime clarity
  • Zero coding experience required 

Less than 1% compute overhead

Have a massive, complex workload? RapidFort’s Runtime Protection will never require over 1% compute overhead to detect threats in real-time. No need to sacrifice your application size for modern cybersecurity monitoring. 

  • Predictable, low overhead
  • Save on space, save on costs
  • Receive immediate results regardless of your infrastructure size

“RapidFort's new runtime capabilities are a game changer for the CISO’s organization. It has created a new paradigm for the management of software vulnerabilities. Now empowered with new and actionable insights, the productivity of security professionals will be dramatically improved while developers will spend way more of their time innovating and not chasing CVEs."

Ed Amaroso

CEO, Tag cyber

Risk eliminated, runtime protected

Quit playing whack-a-mole with your CVEs. With Runtime Protection, security teams can filter out and pinpoint vulnerabilities within the application’s execution path and help dev teams cut out 60-90% of unnecessary patching.

Get crystal clarity in runtime

Deploy Runtime Protection in minutes and immediately receive scan results on all of your running containers. See the big picture, zoom in on what’s critical, and ignore the CVEs that don’t matter.

See your runtime execution path

Stuck endlessly scanning and remediating your entire registry? Get a clear view of your runtime environment and your application’s execution path so you can stop worrying about the unnecessary CVE’s hanging out in unused code.

Prioritize with precision

Now that you know what vulnerabilities are actually in your execution path, Runtime Protection will automatically prioritize them by severity. You’ll also get access to any known fixes, CVE and CVSS scoring, published POCs, and Rapid Risk Scoring.

Attack Surface Reduction

Baseline activity with runtime intelligence

Runtime Protection composes a baseline of container activity that will inform your optimization and remediation strategy. It'll also immediately detect unusual software usage and protect your production infrastructure with meaningful, actionable alerts.

Less than 1% compute overhead

Watch and protect your applications in high traffic production environments without incurring compute overhead. Take it a step further and compare your application’s behavior in test vs production environments and ensure your tests are complete.

Remediation on your terms

You don’t have to remediate automatically if you don’t want to. Gather baseline data over time that shows consistent software usage, and comfortably remediate unused packages when you’re ready.

Shift the conversation from CVEs to code quality

Show your dev teams what components are completely unused and ready to be removed – then, give them the tools to do it all automatically.

Secure and harden workloads

Remove 60-90% of your total vulnerabilities in a day. Automatically secure all of your unused components and shrink your software attack surface – without burdening dev teams. RapidFort will immediately detect unusual software usage and protect your production infrastructure with meaningful, actionable alerts.

Sit back and watch your backlog burn

Devs, you are now free. Celebrate the instant elimination of up to 90% of your backlog and carve out a new (work) life for yourself – one that focuses on meaningful projects.

Harden your containers instantly

Generate optimized containers based on real world usage of your applications. Remove unused components, cut size and storage costs, and get a full night’s rest.

Future-proof your CVEs

Reducing your attack surface today doesn’t just impact your posture now – reduce zero day vulnerabilities in the future by having 60-90% less packages to worry about tomorrow.

Secure third party software

Reduce mitigation requests to your vendors by up to 90%. Scan and monitor your vendor software, find the vulnerabilities within the execution path, and help inform their vulnerability prioritization.

Attack Surface Reduction

Achieve interoperability between security, devops, and developers with our toolset

Optimize and secure your applications upstream before they hit production with RapidFort’s buildtime tools. Our buildtime tools allow your developers to scan, profile, and harden applications in your CI/CD pipelines. Create smaller, faster to load, fully optimized workloads with every build and minimize your software attack surface – automatically. RapidFort’s buildtime tools interoperate seamlessly with our runtime tools, providing a powerful and flexible platform to reduce software risk efficiently and automatically.


Get detailed vulnerability insights into your applications as they are designed and built. Scan workloads in your CI/CD using the fastest SCA scanner in the market and enforce security hygiene upstream.


Understand your applications’ behavior by profiling them in your CI/CD test cycles. Use the comprehensive reports to improve code quality and test coverage, and secure your applications early in the development cycle.


Build optimized workloads with only the components you need, regardless of your development framework and OS image selection. Free up your developers to design using the best development tools and environments, and let RapidFort automate the rest.

Integrate RapidFort directly into your existing workflows and tech stack

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Customer testimonials

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"RapidFort is a great solution for engineering teams to get a handle on OSS issues and help their security teams keep on top of them. Otherwise, the process is very time-consuming and ineffective. We also use RapidFort to identify and fix gaps in our tests, and the smaller workload sizes make our deployments more efficient."

Masa Karahashi


“RapidFort's new runtime capabilities are a game changer for the CISO’s organization. It has created a new paradigm for the management of software vulnerabilities. Now empowered with new and actionable insights, the productivity of security professionals will be dramatically improved while developers will spend way more of their time innovating and not chasing CVEs."

Ed Amoroso

CEO, Tag cyber

"Scaling the remediation of software vulnerabilities has historically been an intractable problem to solve. Security professionals have been burdened by an overabundance of vulnerabilities and developers have been asked to chase CVEs instead of focusing on innovation and new product features. [insert Rapidfort Product name] is a quantum leap forward. Now security professionals are empowered to solve up to 90% of software vulnerabilities automatically without involving developers. Through their innovative technology, RapidFort has taken the complex and made it simple, ushering in a whole new way of managing the risk associated with software vulnerabilities at enterprise scale."

Dave Neuman

Senior Analyst, TAG Cyber

"I recommend getting started by scanning one of your registries to see how easily it can generate an SBOM and uncover easy-to-fix vulnerabilities."

JP Bourget


Why RapidFort

Understand how RapidFort stacks up to alternative solutions. Learn how Runtime Protection offers the most complete way for teams to secure their applications at runtime.

SCA scanner
EBPF Scanner
Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities within the execution path
Monitor software usage at runtime
Automatically remediate and harden
Compute overhead (worst case)
Less than 1%
Scan pipeline to runtime

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